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Trade leads to innovation. Innovative ideas lead to prosperity. Innovation and prosperity. More trade is where it starts. Trade comes first.

A Network for trade

The Baltic Sea Chambers of Commerce Association is a network of chambers of commerce around the Baltic Sea Region. We stand for more trade and integration.


Reports and statements

Reports and statements by the BCCA.

The BCCA regularily make reports and statements. Here you can order and download some of them.

Towards a Single Digital Market

In the report Priorities towards a Digital Single Market in the Baltic Sea Region you get an overview of the obstacles to a digital single market, and a series of policy recommendations to overcome the barriers. The key issues taken up in the report are e-Procurement, Public Sector Information and Open Data, Roaming and Online Intermediaries. The report is made in cooperation between, the Baltic Sea Chambers of Commerce Association and Baltic Development Forum. Main sponsor was Tillväxtverket.

Download this article here: repriorities_towards_a_digital_single_market

Trade promotion through education 2012

Speech at the baltech-nortech conference in Tallin at the Tallin Technical university, 16 june 2012. The conference gathers the rectors and key staff of the technical universities in the Nordic and baltic countries. BCCA secretary general Dr. Per Tryding made an intervention on the need to move from exchange between universities, to integration of them and from funding revenue to funding equity in higher technical education.

“The European knowledge society should be something which is produced by European engineers today, not the catalogue title of a history class in Bejing.”

Download article here: baltech_nordtek_2012_bcca_speech_tryding_vf

E pluribus profit – On private sector engagement

This is a reflection paper (december 2010) about private sector inclusion in EU Baltic Sea Region policy making.


The Baltic Development Forum is by far the largest policy event on Baltic Sea policy. At the summit in Vilnius (June 2010) a policy paper with recommendations will be presented to the governments. It is drafted by Copenhagen Economics, but commissioned by the BDF itself. As such it uses many soruces and resources and this is the BCCA contribution presented as a short memo.

Building of a new business region – the Baltic Sea Region and its future

Article by Mr Wolf Rüdiger Janzen,
former President of the Baltic Sea Chambers of Commerce Association

In this article Mr Janzen sketches a way forward for the Baltic Sea Region. He does so drawing on the roots of the development, which dates back to the 80ies – and even in some ways the 1970ies.

Download article: building_a_new_business_regiontext-janzen-2009-05-01__

Speech at the European Academy Berlin.

The EU Strategy needs a strategy. By Stephan Müchler, BCCA President

Download English version: muchler_bcca_wirtschaftsfaktor_ostsee

or German version: wirtschaftsfaktor_ostsee_muchler_mai_2010

3T – Triple Trade in Ten years

Since the millennium, the BCCA has argued that there is potential to triple trade in the Baltic Sea Region in ten years. Even if China, India and other overseas markets have been growing rapidly, the bulk of every country’s trade is done in the neighborhood.

The Baltic sea regions share of Sweden’s export has for instance grown to close to half of all exports.

There are still huge untapped potential in Baltic Sea trade. Better infrastructure, implementation of a a single currency are among the more apparent. This holds true in spite of the current economic downturn following the 2008 financial crisis.

Download this article: bcca_3t_oct06

Policy Forecast – what policies matter for growth?

The BCCA “Policy for Growth” report, is an attempt to profit from the distributed expertise gathered among the participants at the BDF Summit 2009. The BCCA asked Summit participants to grade the importance of seven policy areas for future long term growth. Four areas stand out as more important than the others:

  • Environmental policy,
  • Introduction of the Euro to the whole region,
  • EU education and research efforts and
  • The new EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region.

There is wide agreement that the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea region as well as research and education policy of the EU are of large importance for growth in the long term. The latter is clearly where to put the money according to most policy makers.

Download this forecast here: bcca_policy_survey_report_v2-pdf

The EU Baltic Sea Area Policy

The BCCA has asked for a coherent Baltic Sea Region policy of the EU since the early 1990s. Here Mr Stephan Müchler, the president of the BCCA gives some perspectives on the policy.

From a conference in Rostock, 2009

Download this article: bcca_on_prosperity

Essays on Economic Cooperation, Region Building and old new friendships around the Baltic Sea.

The book is a collection of Essays by prominence of Business and Politics. Among them Uffe Elleman-Jensen, Eckard van Hooven, Viktors Kulbergs, Günter Verheugen and many more.

The book was published on the occasion of the 10 year anniversary of the BCCA in 2002 and still holds relevance.

Please order Your copy here: bcca@handelskammaren.com

Baltic Sea Cross Culture Management Guide

The book is an introduction to the different business cultures of the Baltic Sea Region markets. Each country is presented in an executive summary-style.

Topics such as greetings, how to use names and titles, pointers on general behavior, negotiation, women in Business and dress code are all covered.

The book is written by Salla Wadén. Foreword by Stephan Müchler (2nd edition).

Please order Your copy here: bcca@handelskammaren.com

BCCA Presentation

This is a copy of power-points from recent presentations about the BCCA and the challenges ahead following the EU Baltic Sea Strategy.

Download presentation here: presentation_14_october_2009


Members and Committee

The BCCA is a network open only to Chambers of Commerce in the Baltic Sea Region. It is run by its members. It has an elected Committee which consists fo the managers of some of the members.


The BCCA promotes trade and business relationships across the Baltic Sea Region. Over the years this has been done through action such as trade faies and conferences, through networks but also through information and analysis.

Contact us:

BCCA, c/o Handelskammaren,
Skeppsbron 2
SE-211 20 Malmö


+46 40 690 24 00

The Committee

The BCCA has a committee, which is elected by the Annual General Conference. The Committee acts as a board. The office function of the BCCA follows the chairman.

  • Stephan Müchler, CCI Southern Sweden (CHAIRMAN)
  • Lars-Kare Legernes, Oslo Chamber of Commerce
  • Werner Koopmann, CCI Kiel/Lubeck
  • Mait Palts, Estonian Chamber of Commerce
  • Tommi Rasila, Finland Chamber of Commerce
  • Vytautas Ṧileikis, Kaunas CCIC
  • Jesper Juul-Jensen, Danish Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Per Tryding acts as the secretary of the commitee.

The honorary president of the BCCA Assessor Wolf-Rüdiger Janzen is permanently adjourned.


The BCCA is open to chambers of commerce in the Baltic Sea Region. Here is a list of our current members.

  • Danish Chamber of Commerce
  • Estonian Chamber of Commerce
  • Espoo Chamber of Commerce
  • Helsinki Chamber of Commerce
  • North Karelian Chamber of Commerce
  • Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce
  • Rauma Chamber of Commerce
  • Satakunta Chamber of Commerce
  • South Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce
  • Tampere Chamber of Commerce
  • The Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland
  • Turku Chamber of Commerce
  • Western Nyland Chamber of Commerce
  • Åland Chamber of Commerce
  • Flensburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
  • Kiel Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Lübeck Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Lüneburg-Wolfsburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Neubrandenburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Rostock Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Schwerin Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Stade Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Handwerkskammer Ostmecklenburg–Vorpommern
  • Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Panevezys Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts
  • Kaunas Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts
  • Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Oslo Chamber of Commerce
  • Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce
  • Polish-Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce
  • Polish-Swedish Chamber of Commerce
  • Pomorska Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Regional Pomeranian Chamber of Commerce
  • Kaliningrad Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden
  • Chamber of Commerce of Central Sweden
  • Chamber of Commerce of East Sweden
  • Mälardalen Chamber of Commerce
  • Stockholm Chamber of Commerce
  • Wermland Chamber of Commerce